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Business in lockdown? 6 ways a locksmith can keep it safe

It is a strange time, and many businesses have had to close their doors recently. While they are locked up, it is vital to ensure they are safe. The last thing you need is any additional stress or loss of business, so here are six ways a locksmith can keep your business safe.


Upgraded security measures

Locksmiths have excellent knowledge of security measures, extending to more than simply locks and keys. There are many modern security features your business could incorporate. Asking a locksmith to have a look around your business is a worthwhile way to ensure you are as secure as you can be in all aspects.

Keep out ex-staff

Staff come and goes, and some leave under difficult circumstances. If somebody has gone due to breaches of trust or gross misconduct, it is worth considering the safety of your business. Don’t forget taking time to consider whether that member of staff had keys for any parts of your building. If so, it is vital to change the locks. Even if they return the key, it is unsettling to consider they may have had a copy made without you knowing. Hiring a locksmith to change locks gives you peace of mind and ensures your business is secure and safe.

Create a master key

You may still be attending your business location, even if only to take a look around and check in on everything. If so, have a locksmith create a master key, so you can easily work your way around without needing to carry hundreds of different keys. A master key is a great tool for business owners, allowing them unrestricted access to all area with the simplicity of having just one key to keep safe.

Storing items and money safely

If lockdown means you have to leave your business unattended ensure safety measures are in place. Locksmiths not only ensure main doors are secure but also storage rooms, cupboards and safes. If you store products, stock or money on-site, you want to make sure you eliminate any risk of these being accessed and stolen. Again, a locksmith is the best choice to ensuring everything is locked away, while also leaving you free to access them at any time.

Emergency access

Ever experienced the heart-sinking moment when you drop your keys and they fall straight down into a drain? Or perhaps the clammy anxiety of patting your pockets to find your key isn’t where you thought it was. If your key is lost, damaged or stolen, it leaves you unexpectedly without access to your business. Having a locksmith in your contacts ensures you have access in an emergency. Not only can an emergency locksmith get you back in, but they can also replace locks or provide you with a new set of keys.

Additional keys

If you have staff you may want them to have access to your business too. Even during lockdown, staff may need to access their offices, and you do not want to be called in just to unlock the doors. A locksmith can create copies of keys, so you can give them to employees who need them. This could be a key for their own offices or even another master key. It is also a good idea to give a key to the most senior person in your workforce who lives closest; this way, should you be notified of an alarm going off, they can get inside to check.

Locked down, or otherwise, there is no denying how vital a locksmith can be to your business. If you are looking for a local locksmith contact us today.

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